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Raphael, Pontormo and Me – Getty Center 2021

Now that COVID restrictions have been relaxed, this summer I’ve made it a point to visit as many area art museums as possible. Recently I decided to visit the Getty Center in order to see the Italian paintings and the current drawing exhibition, Artists as Collectors.

This exhibit is from the Getty’s permanent collection and it is amazing. For me to be able to see the real Raphael and Pontormo drawings was breathtaking. I have a few books with collections from both artists, but it is nothing like the experience of seeing them in person. To view the actual strokes, size and color, and types of materials used, not only increases my appreciation for their work, but inspires me as well.

I love to learn about an artist’s working method which is why I loved seeing the sketches and drawings. It always fascinates me to see the preliminary drawings and then the completed paintings. How they started and where they ended up impressed upon me the fact that Raphael and Pontormo were very calculated and precise with their movements.

Some of the drawings were no larger than a postage stamp and were absolute perfection. It takes a lifetime to be able to master that kind of skill. I can only imagine the hours of practice and years it took to develop the ability to lay down on paper the right lines, contours and shading.

As you look through the image gallery of my photos from the exhibit, you will see that there are several pictures of painting details such as fabrics and hands. Having drawn and painted both forms, I know the difficulty and technical skill involved with each detail. Not only are the works stunning, but in my opinion, Italian paintings are far richer in color, passion and drama than others of the Renaissance period.

Please enjoy the work I am presenting here and if you get a chance, go see the exhibition. Artists as Collectors can be seen now through September 12, 2021. There really is no comparison when it comes to experiencing these paintings. Why view digitally when you can enjoy these great works of art in person!