Radiant Landscapes:

Found Art

Over the past few years I have been exploring the iconography of different organized religions. I am taking the sentiments of these symbols and bringing them into a secular context.

With my Western Christian upbringing most of the imagery I remember were quiet mundane scenes with light radiating from the different characters heads, creating somewhat of an “aura” effect. That “glowing” or “aura” gave the scene an “other worldly” feel to it; with a very specific definition to each symbol in the scene.

I “inherited” a collection of paintings of various landscapes, portraits and still life’s. I wanted to find a way to integrate my work to this body of work into the current themes I am working to. I have taken the essence of my Radiation Series and applied it to these secular scenes. I have shifted the mood to outside established religious iconography, giving the same ethereal mood as the various religious images I grew up with.

Radiant Landscapes

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