The Means to an End--A Shadow Drama in Five Acts, etching and aquatint by Kara Walker, 5 panels, 1995, Honolulu Museum of Art
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One of My Favorite Contemporary Artists, Kara Walker

While I’m busy working on paintings for my 2021 collection, I’d thought I’d share with you one of my favorite contemporary artists, Kara Walker.

I first saw Ms. Walker’s work at the Whitney in New York and then again at LACMA.

I remember walking into her exhibit of what appeared to be story book characters in black silhouettes on white walls. Initially I smiled at the fun, cartoonish images. It took a moment before I realized what the images were doing and what I was witnessing.

Ms. Walker exposes the ugliness of America’s history in a way that is powerful, disturbing, brave and wonderful.

Her work can be seen at The Broad in Los Angeles. Unfortunately the museum is currently closed, however works can be viewed online here.

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