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Love the Old Masters? I’ve Found an Art Teacher For You!

If you follow my blog or my work on social media, you know that I am inspired and in awe of the painting styles of the Old Masters.


I recently found an art teacher on YouTube who I like and whose training is in the Byzantine, Medieval, and Renaissance styles. His name is Antonis and his channel is Painting the Light. https://www.youtube.com/@PaintingtheLight/videos


Antonis is an iconographer and painter. He paints with classic techniques and achieves beautiful results. According to his biography, Antonis has “studied Byzantine painting since 1992 and have a Bachelors and MFA degree in painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and the San Francisco State University, respectively.”


His videos provide the viewer with a detailed explanation of color mixing, layering, painting, lighting techniques, and materials. Antonis’ encouraging and gentle manner is entertaining and informative, so even if you are not a painter, the videos are worth watching just to see his work.


I’ve listed a few of my favorite videos below and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 


Painting with egg tempura https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6VlahyiIro


Why the Egg Tempura Technique is Amazing



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