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Getting Back to Art: 5 Tips for Starting Again

Art is a form of expression that allows us to explore our creativity. Life can sometimes get in the way for many of us, and we can go for long periods without nurturing our creative spirit. If you’ve been neglecting your artwork and creative nature, here are five ways to get started:

1. Get new supplies: Sometimes, all you need are some new supplies to get the creative juices flowing. I love a new box of crayons. A new box of Crayola crayons transports me back to a time when the color, feel, and smell of crayons were exciting and all the incentive I needed to draw. New supplies can create a sense of excitement, joy, and the thrill of a new adventure.

2. Visit inspiring places: Take a nature walk, or visit a local museum or art gallery. Seeing beautiful artwork or stunning scenery can be all it takes to motivate you to start creating again. I love taking pictures of colors, textures, and patterns, whether walking on the beach or visiting a gallery. I never know what I’ll find or what will spark my imagination, so I make sure to take a camera!

3. Read inspiring words: Sometimes, it’s hard to unblock your creativity or find the motivation to start again. When that happens to me, I turn to two of my favorite books on creativity, The Blank Canvas: Inviting the Muse by Anna Held Audette; and Inspiration Sandwich: Stories to Inspire Our Creative Freedom by Sark. Both authors understand the psychological trappings of being an artist and offer sage advice on unblocking and rediscovering your creative spirit.

4. Set aside some time: Make sure you set aside some time each month, week, or day, to focus on your artwork. If you’re like me, painting and drawing are something I need for my well-being, so it’s essential to include them as part of your self-care routine. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, setting aside some time dedicated to your art will help you get into the creative habit again.

5. Experiment with different mediums: Trying out new mediums is a great way to reignite your passion. There are so many different mediums to choose from, and variety is the spice of life! Everything from watercolors, acrylic, and oil paints, to experimenting with mixed media forms of art journaling, collages, or found objects.
Experiment with different textures, colors, and shapes too. Venture outside your comfort zone with play and discovery.

No matter how long you’ve been away from your artwork, it’s never too late to start again. Art is a lifelong passion that can be reinvigorated at any time. Buy some new supplies, visit inspiring places, and read inspiring words. Set aside time to indulge and nurture your creative desires and experiment. Try not to overthink or judge; just commit to having fun!