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Did You Know?

From the time I could grab a crayon, I was drawing all over my mother’s walls. Fortunately, she was not one to discourage creativity and quickly rerouted my energy onto paper. By the age of eight, I started private instruction in oil painting. Since then, I have continued to expand my artistic and creative knowledge in a wide variety of mediums.

Like many artists, it wasn’t a straight climb to success or regular five figured sales. Instead, as a young man I felt compelled to put aside my artist talents and take a corporate job.

Ultimately, in 1994, I decided to leave that job and embrace my artistic abilities, trusting that the universe would take care of the rest. So I set up an easel, enrolled in school, and began my journey as an art student.

I immediately excelled at school and was chosen to be highlighted in two student shows. By 1999 I was asked to have a solo show in Los Feliz. This launched my career as a professional artist and I have been showing successfully ever since.

Pursuing a career in art is like trying to master a video game. At first, it is exciting and easy. I wondered why others said it was hard. Then I plateaued and what I loved doing became difficult. So, I committed to trying again. More success, followed by another plateau. Each level followed an even more difficult next level.

I have been an established artist since 1999. My work has appeared in business and private collections from West Los Angeles, to New York and Switzerland. My work has been featured in television and major motion pictures, and my paintings are part of the permanent collection in The Contemporary Art Collection at the California State Capitol Museum.

With each New Year and success come the questions:  What excites and inspires me? What do I want to paint? How can I connect with others through my art? There is so much beauty in art and nature, the choices are endless. What an adventure.




  1. Christy B

    Fantastic blog Dean! Wishing you tremendous momentum in 2022! Christy B.