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Artist Insights

As I make preparations for an August networking event featuring my artwork at the Hellada Gallery in Long Beach, I’d like to share with you three things I think are important for you to know before you buy art.

The Artist Statement

Creating art is a profoundly personal and spiritual endeavor. Most artists include a biographical summary listing facts about their childhood, early influences, and training to provide a broad understanding.

The artist’s statement, however, is a chance for us to delve deeper into our psyche and provide an explanation of our work, significant influences, and objective.

Observers of abstract art depend on the artist’s statement to help them understand the piece’s meaning, how the artist approaches their work, and what influenced them.

You don’t have to agree with the artist’s vision or reasoning for the painting. People will often be moved and see things in my paintings that do not resonate with me. That’s fine. Abstract art allows individual experience and a deeper, psychic connection.

The Price Tag

As far as price is concerned, there is no industry standard. Some artists price their work according to training, experience, and gallery shows; others calculate the price based on location, material costs, labor, and profit margin; and a few can price based on demand or celebrity status.

I am a mid-career artist. My training, years of work, the number of pieces sold, and gallery exhibits, as well as labor, material costs, and location, are considered when I price my work.

My paintings are my work. Painting is not a hobby for me. I’ve studied, practiced, and trained, and the price for my work reflects this.

Originals vs. Prints

Art is an emotional experience. Your collection reflects your style, travels, and memories. I would not encourage anyone to buy a painting or other work of art based on color alone unless it creates or compliments an immersive experience with its surroundings.

When you invest in an original painting, it should speak to you on some level. There should be an emotional response, whether it energizes or calms you.

I would suggest investing in an original piece of art if you connect with the work on a visceral level. The artist’s intent doesn’t matter if the work resonates with something within you.

Original works connect and bond you with the artist. The artist’s energy and emotions are engrained in their work and will extend into your space.

Prints are a more affordable option. They replicate an original but lack some of its dynamic.

Prints are an excellent way to develop your sense of style and taste. They encourage evolution and change.

When someone purchases my work, either the original or print, we become kindred. The buyer completes the circle encapsulating the artist, work, and audience, and I am grateful for the ability to connect with someone on such an intimate level.

It is a profoundly personal experience and one that I have dedicated my life to achieving.