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Artist Date 2020- Disney Adventure at the Bowers Museum

I have to admit, during the current pandemic I’ve limited my artist date outings to the beach, botanical gardens or a quick trip to my local bookstore. However, when I heard about the Disney archives exhibit currently on display at the Bowers Museum, I knew I had to see it. Without hesitation, I purchased my time-entry ticket, grabbed my face mask and camera and spent a wonderful afternoon in Santa Anna, California.

Inside the Walt Disney Archives was an unexpected trip down memory lane. For me, few things evoke nostalgia for my childhood more than Disney. The exhibit features archived artwork from original Disney artists, movie costumes, animation models and vintage merchandise.

In my photo gallery, I’ve included some of my favorites including Fantasia artwork, props and costumes from Mary Poppins and an incredible Snow White diorama. There are also pictures of wonderful black and white photos taken of Walt Disney, models from the Isle of Dogs and even Wilson from the film Cast Away

I hope you enjoy the gallery and that you are able to visit the Bowers Museum if possible. The exhibit has been extended until February 28, 2021 and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Stay well,