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A Trip To Getty Villa

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In this crazy times times of isolation and stay at home, I wanted to share an outing I took about a year ago. Soon the Villa will reopen and you can visit this beautiful place yourself. I highly recommend it.

This is a trip to the Getty Villa, in Malibu that I went to with a friend. This is one of the places on the top of my list for an Artist’s Date. As an artist I need a soul refreshment from time to time. I need to get out of the studio and be inspired and excited by the world around me.

I love the detail of the architecture, the art and the location of the Villa. I have quite a few pictures in the gallery. I hope that you can get all the way through them and hopefully feel some of the excitement I felt when I took them.

BTW, I take these images reassess them and they become they inspiration for my artwork. I pull colors, lighting, patterns and rhythm and work them into my paintings…